Marina Service Rates

Storage Rates

Storage fee is based on the square foot of the vessel. Square foot = Length * Width.

Inside Winter Storage (All Boats): $5.35 Per Square Foot

Inside Heated Winter Storage (All Boats, Limited Availability): $6.75 Per Square Foot

Inside Summer Storage (All Boats): $3.05 Per Square Foot

Mechanical Services

Tech Service Rate: $108 per hour

Repair – Boats and Jet Skis

Commissioning – Launch Season

Decommissioning – Winterize

Pickup/Delivery of Boat

Pickup/Delivery Rate: $85 Per Hour

In/Out Service Rate: $54/Half Hour


Interior Detail Rate: $75 Per Hour

Wax/Wash Rate: $75 Per Hour

Mullett Lake Marina Slip Rates

Uncovered Slips: $2000

Cover Slips (with vinyl canopies): $2500

Covered slips with steel roofing (limited to under 23′ and height restrictions): $2000

Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap Rate: $17 Per Linear Foot

We can pick up, deliver and store boats and toys.

In/Out Service Available

Don’t have time to launch your boat for the weekend or time to take it out when you’re done? At $51 per half-hour of service, we will make sure your boat is ready upon your weekend arrival and safely stored when you leave. Inside Summer storage required.